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Q: What kind of music can you play?

A: My repertoire includes Classical, Pop, Current, Folk and more - it can always be tailored for your special occasion. 
You can find a sample of my repertoire here. 

Q:What kind of harp do you have (and how do you move it)?

A: I have two harps, pedal and Irish. The harp-moving process is certainly time-intensive, but made much easier with the use of specially made carts and padded covers for the harp.  The harp can be transported to almost any location, indoor or out.


Q: Can you play an outdoor event?

A: Absolutely.  There are however some things to keep in mind if you would like to have a harpist play at an outdoor location:

  •  The performance area must be level and reasonably protected from the elements. 

  • Direct sun and rain are damaging to the instrument, so there must be a cover provided (e.g. tent)

  • If it begins to rain during any event, the harp must immediately be covered and moved to an environmentally safe area.  I will be happy to continue playing from an indoor/covered location. 

Q: Can you play more than what you have posted? Can you play my favorite song at my wedding?  

A: Most of the time, this answer is Yes!  I can usually transcribe special music for the harp or read piano sheet music, however some songs may not translate well on the instrument.  I will let you know well in advance if I believe a particular song won't work. I require 30 days advance notice for custom music selections.  

Q: How do I start harp lessons?

A: It is not difficult to begin lessons, even if you do not want to buy a harp right away. Depending on your level of proficiency, you can play on my Irish or pedal harp. I teach from age 6 to adult. Private lessons are given on a weekly basis to encourage discipline and growth toward your musical goals. 

Lessons can be delivered in-person or online via Skype/Zoom. Online lesson format is ideal if you are an overseas student. If you are interested in starting lessons, get in touch to book a free consultation, which usually takes 30-60mins. We will discuss the details and find an arrangement that works best for you.

Q: How much do lessons cost and when can I book a lesson?

A: Lessons are taught Monday-Friday. Lessons can also be held on Saturday-Sunday, subject to availability and prior agreement.

Lessons cost as follows:

  • $40/30min

  • $80/60min

  • Online lesson - $100/60min (not available for 30min)

  • Lesson at student's home - $100/60min (not available for 30min)

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