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I am always looking to share my love of music and the harp with as many music lovers as possible. I teach the harp, piano and music theory privately to people of all ages and levels in my home in Birkdale.


I strongly believe that students have to enjoy themselves in what they're doing. Therefore, I always carefully select my teaching methods according to the individual's needs and goals to ensure their love of music is embraced throughout their lives. The ultimate goal of studying music is to have fun and therefore my teaching style emphasises on creating a relaxed and supportive environment to allow the students to progress and flourish.

My students are encouraged to partake in various music events and exhibitions such as '100 Harps'.

We regularly play at charitable events in local communities. This boosts their confidence and helps in achieving their music goals.   

 'Magic Strings' is the name of our little ensemble and we're always happy to see new students joining us! 

Whether you are a young beginner just starting out on the path to discovering music or an adult who has always dreamed of taking up this fascinating instrument, studying harp is rewarding and fun!  

If you are interested in starting lessons, please contact me to book a free consultation, which usually takes 15-20mins.



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